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The process of losing weight does not always have to be a boring regime. Nor does it need to be indoors as a ritual. Be a sport and enjoy the weather outside – be it summer, rainy season or winter with great games which can simultaneously also burn calories and cut down on fat.

Why & what outdoor games are Best for fat loss?

Now, you may be tempted to ask – why outdoor? That is because you can enjoy the benefits of a workout along with family and friends. Hence no loneliness or boredom and the task of losing weight become easier and much more fun.

Here are some of the best outdoor games for loss of fat for you:

Beach Volleyball – Lose Weight and Get Super Strength

 This is the perfect game to intake some vitamin D while burning fats. To add to it, you also build toned up arms, abs, chest as well as legs. If you still have doubts, this will certainly impress you – it burns around five hundred calories per hour.

Swimming – Best for Fat Loss and to increase flexibility

 This outdoor activity not just tone up the entire body but also strengthens all the muscles of the body including the chest, abs, arms, legs, back and shoulders. You can either swim freestyle or fly with butterfly strokes. The good news is that swimming helps burn almost four hundred and seventy calories per hour.

Cycling –   Become a Super Human 🙂

 You game for a cycle race? Go ahead and say yes since it cycling helps in toning up the butt, legs and thighs. Needless to say, it is enjoyable as well where you can enjoy the surroundings in addition to burning calories. It burns almost the same amount of calories as swimming.

Tennis – Burn 500 Calories per hour and more

 Yes, though this sport makes you sweat a lot, this is a great workout option outdoors. You can practice tennis with your best pal, your colleagues, your better half or even kids and burn more than five hundred calories per hour. As a bonus, you earn great, toned up arms back and shoulders.

Golf – is Meditation 🙂

Benefits of playing golf

Did you know you could burn down fats even while socializing over golf? Yes, it is true. Now you can mix business with workout, thanks to golf. The swings involved while playing golf tone up your arms, back, shoulders and abs while burning almost three hundred calories per hour.

Mountain climbing

 Rock climbing is certainly a demanding sport but it does help in burning a lot of calories – to the tune of five hundred to nine hundred calories per hour. As a beginner, you can start with indoor climbing and then move on to outdoor climbing as well.

Scuba diving and Benefits

 Imagine doing a cardiovascular workout where you do not have to sweat, get stressed or face any discomfort! Sounds too good to be true? You can experience this if you scuba dive. It is a great sport which tightens and tones up the entire body and also burns around eight hundred calories per hour.

Running – Old School but most effective

 Last but not the least, go ahead and run across the locality in comfortable running shoes. You can enjoy the surroundings and burn extra calories than running on a treadmill since outdoor running involves more vigor, uneven paths and wind resistance as well. You can burn almost five hundred calories running outdoors for an hour!

So, make your workout interesting and also have fun!

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