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Programming languages like HTML, JavaScript, PHP and Python are required to become a hacker and working on different operating systems like Windows and Linux will also aid you in becoming a good hacker since these platforms are a good option for hacking. If you want to know the difference in Black Hat Hacker and White Hat Hacker, keep reading!

In this article I’ll cover the steps on how you can become a hacker! And what all you need to learn to become too good in Ethical Hacking and to make a successful career in Cyber Security domain.

Black Hat Hacker vs White Hat Hacker

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People who will steal personal data or attempt illegal activities through hacking are not hackers and are called crackers therefore don’t be a cracker. We strongly recommend you to not learn hacking for illegal purposes. People on the other hand think being a Hacker is a criminal offense but most hackers work for the betterment and are hired by firms to keep them safe from cyber security threats or other threats that they can face virtually.

Making it easier for you we differentiate between them by calling one a black hat hacker and the other white hat hacker.

Black Hat Hacker

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Is a skilled hacker who masters in computer networks and will bypass any security protocols that will come his way just for personal gain which might be financial, or for protesting and even for launching a cybercrime attack for the thrill. They will infect your computers with viruses and trojans and attack your personal data for sake of stealing it.

White Hat Hacker

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White hat hacker is the total opposite of black hat hacker and will defend you against the black hats. These hackers will stop cybercrimes and defend you and your company from potential threats. They use similar tools for hacking that are also used by the black hat hackers but for the good.

Be the white hat hacker and stand against cybercrime! 

The C Programming

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C programming is known as one of the most powerful languages in computer programming. It was invented at Bells Lab by Denise Ritchie in 1973. Mastering the art of C programming will aid you in breaking large tasks into smaller tasks while creating some logic around them and this way you can try to write some of your own programs and this will help you later when you’ll dive into the hacking details.

There are many free C Programming courses that you can search online and learn from them. If books don’t work well with you, you can always start with some YouTube tutorials.

Become Master in Programming first, then be a Hacker

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To become a successful hacker, you should learn new multiple and up to date programming languages which might include Python, PHP, Java and markup languages like XML and HTML.

Python for example would be the best option for web development and many users use Python due to its simplicity and how it’s able to achieve complex coding in a simple manner. HTML on the other hand is useful to create web pages and design them and if you master these two you’ll understand better how they are attacked and how you can defend them with your hacking skills.

Java being the most popular programming language. It is also very secure and the Java security model will help you understand and learn how languages are able to achieve security. You can find many free tutorials and books on the internet to learn Java which will also teach you about the loopholes in these programming languages.

Want to be a Hacker? Be Expert in Operating Systems

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There are plenty of operating systems (OS) available now and learning more than one will give advantage over other hackers. Apart from the Microsoft system which is a closed source system you should also learn Linux on operating systems like ubuntu and UNIX and these are open source operating systems which means few restrictions and you can explore more.

All operating systems have vulnerabilities even the giants like Microsoft so to be a hacker you should be aware of the vulnerabilities and should be aware of how programs are written for windows and other operating systems. If you really want to go into Ethical Hacking field, become master in all operating systems. That’s the only way you can become a really good hacker.

Learn Networking like a Pro

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To be a hacker you should master the networking concept. You should know about the different types of networks and subnets like LAN, WAN and VPN and especially like TCP/IP and UDP protocol that will help you exploit the vulnerabilities on the internet.

Apart from rest you should be able to master HTTP requests because the HTTP protocols will be your gateway to the internet and let you breach the security which will help you take over the system and break the barriers.

Nmap is a free security scanner and used widely by hackers to search for vulnerable hosts but in order to use Nmap one should be familiar with how networking is done. You can find multiple articles on the internet on how to use Nmap.

The Cryptography – Hackers Love it

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If you’re going towards the Internet ecosystem you should be able to master Cryptography and encryption. This is used in securing the communication and encrypting data through parties and keeping the privacy. Cryptography is mainly used in ATM cards, e-commerce and your computer passwords. By hacking you can decrypt these codes and look for vulnerabilities.

Cryptography is also used in the SSL certificates that are assigned to websites for their privacy so decrypting strong encryptions is very difficult and to find a loophole in the algorithm can be an extreme sport.

Password cracking is also a hot topic and most of the people want to learn hacking for password cracking. This is illegal and we strongly recommend against this. There are many tools available for password cracking but you have to create a program that can crack passwords so available tools doesn’t mean it’ll be a one click process.

Experiment and Take Hacking Challenges

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Start experimenting from your own equipment and you can easily start by installing programs like Oracle and Virtual box to your computers so start practicing on hacking on them. These software’s will need a minimum 3GB of RAM and can easily run on modern, as well as old computers. You can test viruses on them without affecting your original computer.

  • Don’t forget to have backups because you never know when you’ll hit a dead end or mess up things. 
  • Track your progress 
  • Search the internet for hacking tasks and re do them

As we all know, Practice makes perfect. There are many companies that will provide their software to public hackers to check for vulnerabilities. Other challenges include security breaching, where you break through the security systems and take control of other computer systems.

Some websites have exciting challenges like 

  • Hacking-lab.com
  • Hackquest.de
  • Trythis0ne.com

Learn from The Best

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The more you read the more you learn. The learning never stops when it comes to hacking. Every time you read a book you learn something new therefore read good books on hacking like: 

  • The hacking Playbook 1,2,3
  • The basic of hacking and penetration testing
  • Hacking: The art of exploitation 


Above are the steps that will help you become a successful hacker and remember you cannot become a good hacker overnight, It requires smart work and patience. Don’t forget to HACK RESPONSIBLY and not breach security or break any laws because it can lead serious law actions. 

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