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What is Google Adsense?

Google AdSense is the best ad network that you could use to monetize your blog or website. It offers the highest click through rates (CTR) compared to its competitor and publishers can make a lot of money through AdSense. Google AdSense is very beneficial and can help you earn a lot of money, especially when your website has a decent traffic flow. Every person who owns a blog/website wants them to be monetized but many of them fail since AdSense has made some strict rules and requirements which makes it hard to get Google AdSense account approved but it’s achievable. We will cover all the steps that will help you approve your Google AdSense account. But before that you should know that If you want to make money online through paid ads network, Google Adsense should be your choice. There’s no ad network better than the Almighty Google Adsense.

Steps to get your Google Adsense Account Approved:

First Step – Assess Your Blog 

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First of all, you should assess your blog and check the requirements that are given on the official Google AdSense website where it’s mentioned that Google won’t approve your AdSense account if you’re promoting hacking, adult content, weapons or guns, drugs and pharmacy or anything that could be illegal. So, if you write about these things there is a very high chance that your AdSense won’t be approved.

Another basic requirement is that for some countries like China and India, Google has mentioned that the publisher should own the website for at least 6 months before applying for an AdSense account. This is not a hard rule as people with 1 month of ownership have also got their account approved, which tells us that “Quality” is very important when you’re getting your AdSense account approved.

Second Step – High Quality Content

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As we all are familiar with the saying “Content is King” I would add quality to content is king because what good is the content if it lacks quality. For your AdSense to get approved, your blog must have well written content which should be at-least 500-600 words long and should be 100% unique because Google AdSense doesn’t approve blogs with copy pasted content. Your content should be fully unique and if you plagiarise your content you’re going to have a hard time getting your website monetized.

Your blog should be fully optimized and you should always aim to write more than the word limit mentioned above and try to keep the content as original as you can.

Third Step – More Content the Better

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You should have sufficient content to post on your blog. Without enough content Google AdSense won’t be approved. You should have at least 50 blogs on your websites and every category should have related blogs with the minimum length of 500-600 words.

Make sure you don’t leave out any blank pages on your website and should have sufficient content on every page. The more original and lengthier the content is the more chances you have to get your Google AdSense account approved.

Fourth Step – Avoid Copyright content (Images)

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Google AdSense will never approve your blog if you’re using copyright material on your blog which includes random images suitable for your blog from the web. What people fail to understand is that they don’t have the right to reuse those images on their blog since they don’t have permission to do so and many bloggers fail to get their AdSense approved because they are violating the copyrights law without even knowing.

To tackle this problem, you can always use original images. As we know its not possible for startup Bloggers to get their original images of all articles. But there are platforms that provide royalty free images like unsplash as they do not charge you for its images. You can reuse these images for your blog but you might not find every image on that platform because of which you might switch to the alternatives like Flicker. Having legal pictures or icons in your blog increases your chances of getting Google Adsense account, Never forget this!

Fifth Step – Optimization of Blog (Meta Tags and Search Engine Optimization)

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The use of Meta tags and description can be very beneficial. You use them to describe your content and it’s not possible for Google AdSense to look into every website therefore they use crawler bots and Meta tags and descriptions will help the crawler bots to find your content easily and help you in getting your Google AdSense account approved. Search engine optimization (SEO) is also very important which many bloggers don’t give importance to. You can make your website search engine friendly by using the correct keywords and you can take help from platforms like Ubersuggest. With the help of correct SEO, your blog/website will rank higher in searches which will also increase your chances of getting your Google AdSense account approved.

Sixth Step – Apply for Google Adsense Account using your Root Domain

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It’s always better to apply for Adsense with your root domain since that’ll have a better chance of getting your Google Adsense account approved. For example, our root domain is coursentips.com. You should avoid applying for Adsense account with sub-domains like blog.coursentips.com. Using sub-domains will have a very low chance of getting accepted by Google.

With the right root domain, you will also be more visible in google searches and your SEO will trigger better which will give you added benefit when you’ll be applying for your AdSense account.

Seventh Step – Don’t use AdSense prohibited content and check if you are blocked by Google

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AdSense has mentioned that it will not approve any blog/website that has:

  • Adult Content
  • Hacking content
  • Weapons content 
  • Copyright Content
  • Violent and other illegal content
  • Drugs and alcohol related content

You can check whether google has blocked you or not by searching your website through google by using your domain name if it’s showing then you’re good to go, if not then you might want to contact google or your website host and see what’s causing this error.

Apply for Google AdSense! 

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The good news is that AdSense does not consider visitors as a factor for approval but only the quality of the blog/website even though to earn from Google AdSense you need a decent amount of traffic on your blog/website.

After following the steps mentioned above you’ll increase your chances to get your Google AdSense approved and you can start the process by going to Adsense.com and creating an account! Good Luck. 

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