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There are many ways of doing a plank. You do not need any equipment, just a little free space and you are all set.

How to do the plank exercise?

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  • Begin by placing your forearms on the floor by bending your elbows. Remember that you’re your forearms will bear the weight of your body, not your hands.
  • Keeping your feet slightly apart, lift your ankles and push your body up such that it forms a straight line between shoulders and ankles. 
  • Hold this position for around a minute. Avoid this exercise if you have any shoulder or back injuries.
  • Come back to the starting position.

Variations of Plank

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You can do the front, side or reverse planks. The procedure mentioned above is for a front plank.

In order to do a side plank, lie on one side and place your forearm on the floor. Raise your body in a way that it forms a diagonal from head to toe.

Reverse plank is normal plank performed in a reverse plank position. Place your palms on the floor, just below your shoulders and then raise your body.

Benefits of Different Plank Poses

Planks provide full body workout. There are many benefits of plank, some of which are given below:

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Enjoy a flat tummy

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Doing the plank exercise strengthens your abdominal muscles and if you are striving for the six-pack abs, this exercise will help you lay the base.

Strengthen your core

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This exercise targets your core without injuring you. 

Promotes flexibility

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You are expanding and stretching your muscles. It means that your body flexibility improves.

Alleviates back pain

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Plank improves your posture and hence helps you get relief from back pain. It also strengthens your back muscles.

Better coordination

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Side planks are beneficial to improve coordination and balance. Since plank strengthens your core, your body learns to coordinate as one unit rather than the parts working individually.

Enhance your mood

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Those who have desk jobs and sit too long can benefit a lot from performing planks. It helps to get rid of the stiffness that creeps in due to prolonged sitting. When the tensed muscles get relieved, you feel better and your mood is alleviated.

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