Applications of HTML

  1. Web Document Creation – Document creation on the internet is dominated by HTML. It’s a basic concept via tag and Document Object Model. Web document consists of three sections: title, head and body.
  2. Web Pages Development – HTML is used for creating web pages that are displayed on WWW. Almost every page of the web is having HTML tags in it to render its details in the browser.
  3. Internet Navigation – HTML provides tags which are used to navigate from one page to another. This navigation is possible by utilizing the concept of Hypertext. It is basically a text on the click of which the page will navigate to other pages.
  4. Responsive Images on Webpages – With the “srcset attribute” of img tag, a developer can fully control how the images will look in different responsive view.
  5. Client-side Storage –  Other than cookies, there is a feature of localStorage and IndexDB in HTML5 which help in storing client-side data.
  6. Game Development Storage – Before the advent of HTML5, game development was an exclusive domain of Flash. Now since browser supports new features of HTML5, we can bring the reality of game development possible.