Advantages of Using CSS

  • Saves Lot of Time — Their style definitions are saved in external CSS files so it is possible to change the entire website by making change to a single file.
  • Easy Maintenance — It provides an easy means to update the formatting of the documents, additionally maintaining the consistency across multiple documents. Because the content of the website can be easily controlled using one or more style sheets.
  • Pages Load Faster — It enables multiple pages to share the formatting information, which automatically reduces complexity and repetition in the structural content. It significantly reduces the transfer size, which results in a faster page loading experience.
  • Provide more attributes — It provides more detailed attributes than plain HTML to define the look and feel of the website.
  • Superior Styles to HTML — It has much wider presentation capabilities than HTML and provide better control over web page layout. So we can give far better look to our web pages in comparison to the HTML presentational elements and attributes.
  • Multiple Device Compatibility — It also allows web pages to be optimized for more than one type of device or media. Using CSS the same HTML document can be presented in different viewing styles for different rendering devices such as cell phones, desktop etc.

What We Can Do with CSS

  • We can change the position of an element on a web page without changing markup of the element.
  • We can alter the display of existing HTML elements.
  • We can transform elements like scale, rotate, skew, etc. in 2D or 3D space.
  • We can easily apply same style rules on multiple elements.
  • We can present the same page differently on different devices.
  • We can create print friendly version of your web pages.
  • We can control the presentation of multiple pages of a website with a single style sheet.