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5 Miracle Fat Burning Foods For Weight Loss 🙂

You don’t have to starve and fast for a fit body and flat abs. These miracle foods will work wonders to your body by burning fat naturally.

Almonds and nuts

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Nuts suppress your appetite and have enough fiber and protein to give you energy without accumulating fat. Eat some nuts when you are not hungry, you will be burning calories and therefore lose weight. Decreasing your appetite can be easily done with just 2 ounces of almonds. Add nuts to your desserts and whatever food you prepare and mix them up with salads, peanut butter, cereal, yogurt or ice cream to get your daily boost of fat burning in a tasty meal. There is nothing wrong in going nuts.

Green Tea

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The catechins of green tea are nature’s recipe for controlling fat. They boost your metabolism helping you burn fat even when you forget to get active all day. They also help the liver in burning fat.  The caffeine present in green tea are effecting in burning fat even at rest. Besides its fat burning properties green tea has been proved to be an inhibitor of cancer and heart diseases. So have at least two to three cups of green tea and if you have a sweet tooth just have it along with honey for a healthier body and a slimmer waist.


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Low in calories and high in fibre leafy vegetables are always a healthy supplement that will help your keep your fat levels in check. Spinach is such a wonder vegetable that increases your haemoglobin and also save you from the damages done by free radicals. You feel full easily and therefore eat less when you consume spinach. It is rich in vitamins and iron and is a mandatory ingredient in all healthy diets. A bowl of boiled spinach with a pinch of salt is good meal to start losing your weight.


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Eggs aid in muscle build up with their vast amounts of protein content and give you vitamin b12, an essential fat burner. A morning breakfast with two eggs will not raise your cholesterol so you don’t have worries with eggs. Research has proven that having two eggs for breakfast resulted in more weight loss than bagels. Eggs are rich in protein thereby aiding muscle build up and fat burning.


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Grapefruit has its fat burning capacity credited to the high levels of Vitamin C it contains. It has low sodium and fat content and is rich in potassium and vitamin C. This super food lowers insulin levels in the body thus making your body store less fat and also protects your heart. It takes more energy to digest grapefruit than you gain by eating it as it is full of fiber and very less of calories.  Opt for a fresh grapefruit or a pulpy juice to get the maximum benefits of this superfood. But it is advised not to jump into a grapefruit diet and people with medical ailments should consult their physicians before adding grapefruit to their diet.

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